How do I order my NHS prescription?

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You can do this via our app, or our website if you prefer. You’ll still need to request your repeat prescription from your GP whenever you need it. You can do this through an app (like ours!), online, in person, or however else you normally would. 

Once you’ve requested your medication, your GP will approve it and send your prescription to us electronically. GP’s can take up to 48 hours to approve requests. By using our app, GP’s tend to approve the same working day. We’ll fulfil your prescription and get it sent out to you as soon as possible. 

To order your prescription in our mobile app, simply log in and head to ‘My Prescriptions’. Here you’ll find all your repeat prescriptions - simply select the ones you need to order and tap the request button - we’ll do the rest! You'll be able to do the same from within your account on our website.

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