Why can’t I buy certain products together?

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Your safety is our top priority and we aim to ensure safe practice for any medicines. That’s why we comply with health regulations to make sure you don’t order more than you need. 

Here’s why we restrict the sale of certain medications: 

  • To comply with MEP Legal Restrictions for paracetamol, codeine, dihydrocodeine, aspirin, pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine)
  • To ensure, best safe practice for misused medicines
  • To ensure patients do not have more medication than they need
  • Ensuring patients are alerted when they should be signposted to a more appropriate service e.g. their GP or a specialist.
  • To alert our healthcare team if a customer has a recurring problem that may indicate an underlying health issue. 

Usually, medicines that have similar effects on the body cannot be purchased together via our software, e.g. two codeine-containing products, or two promethazine-containing products.

If you have purchased one of these products we limit further purchases within a 28 day (or varying days depending on dosage) time frame.

We also have varying ingredients that cannot be purchased together, even if they’re for different ailments, as the risks associated with the two being taken together outweigh the benefits of treating both conditions simultaneously.

E.g. Codeine and promethazine (or other antihistamines) containing products cannot be purchased together as their cumulative sedative effects can be dangerous.

To understand more about our restricted ingredients please visit our Medicines Restrictions, Self-Care and Signposting Policy.

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