Why can’t I reorder the same product?

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Your safety is our top priority and we aim to ensure safe practice for any medicines. That’s why we comply with health regulations to make sure you don’t order more than you need. 

Here’s why we restrict the sale of certain medications: 

  • To comply with MEP Legal Restrictions for paracetamol, codeine, dihydrocodeine, aspirin, pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine).
  • To ensure, best safe practice for misused medicines.
  • To ensure patients do not have more medication than they need.
  • Ensuring patients are alerted when they should be signposted to a more appropriate service e.g. their GP or a specialist.
  • To alert our healthcare team if a customer has a recurring problem that may indicate an underlying health issue. 

Our system will flag up repeat purchases of a particular ingredient. You may be restricted for up to 56 days if you order medication regularly each month. This will be flagged to our healthcare team and we will request to confirm your diagnosis with your own GP.

Quite often, patients are told by their GP to come to an online pharmacy and purchase medications for long-term conditions that are being monitored, as they are cheaper to purchase than to have via NHS prescription.

When your GP comes back to us, we can supply the medication once your diagnosis is confirmed. You will also be flagged as being approved to buy regular treatment for a chronic condition and reminded to speak to your GP regularly.

To understand more about our restricted ingredients please visit our Medicines Restrictions, Self-Care and Signposting Policy.

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