Where is my prescription?

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We aim to dispatch your prescription the same day or the next day, depending when we receive it from your GP. 

Please note: it can take up to 48 hours for your GP to approve your prescription request. 

You can check your order status by accessing your account via our app or online dashboard. Here’s what each order status means: 

  • Pending: Awaiting payment.
  • Pharmacy processing: Your prescription is with our pharmacy team.
  • Complete: Shipped.

To check your order status in the app, head to ‘My Orders’ at the bottom of your screen. On your most recent order, select ‘View Order’ and scroll down to see your order status in real time. 

To check your order status on our website, log into your account here and click on ‘My Prescription Orders’. Select your most recent order by clicking the blue button under ‘Action’. You’ll find the status of your order at the top, under your order number.

At this time if you are local to our pharmacy, you may not receive any tracking. This is because one of our drivers will hand deliver your item instead of Royal Mail. We’re working on fixing this.

In house delays can occur due to high demand or if the item is out of stock. Delivery delays can occur when Royal Mail are behind on their deliveries. Click here for Royal Mail service status.

If you haven’t found the right answer above or you need more information, please contact us.

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