I’m taking weight loss injections but I’m due to go on holiday. Can I take it with me? Should I leave it at home and resume my dose when I come back?

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You could take this medication on holiday with you. Wegovy is safe to use at a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius for 6 weeks. Therefore, once the pen has been opened, it can be stored outside of the fridge as long as the medication is used within 6 weeks.

You will want to avoid extreme temperatures when travelling with Wegovy. If you're traveling by plane, keep your Wegovy pens with you in your carry-on luggage. The cargo hold area of the plane may be too cold for Wegovy. Keep your medication in its original packaging, along with the prescription label. This will help airport security and customs officials identify the medication easily. 

See here for our guide on taking medicine on holiday with you.

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